Now more than ever is the time to meditate and go inside to heal your mind, body and spirit.  My Meditations are created in my studio using sound healing instruments and the latest digital musical production techniques.
A unique combination of science and spirituality. 
You can listen to samples in the Online-Shop or you can ENJOY a FREE 15 minute morning power meditation, just click here


One to one energy healing and spiritual activations. The foundation of my work is the understanding that everything that exists consists of energy. If this energy  is out of alignment or blocked then disease of the mind body and emotional body occurs.  My ability to detect and realign these energies are the basis of my work, either through direct one to one sessions, distant healing or my sound meditations. Based on the Wirral, Liverpool.


Take advantage of the group meditations, where you can experience my music and audio productions directly with digital headphones, this is transmitted to the entire group simultaneously. Experience the stereo digital compositions which are designed to induce a deeper state of relaxation. The use of these headphones also creates an intimate and non-distractive experience.  


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