I am an energy healer who also uses sound to connect and rebalance peoples' vibrations. This gift happened during a spiritual awakening in 2014, since then I have been fortunate enough that my work has taken me all over the world. 

I am grateful to the people that so far have helped guide me on my path ( they know who they are )

I become a healer ( guide ) after awakening with the use of a planet medicine called Ayahuasca, which I no longer use.

Since 2014 the spiritual path has allowed to me work in USA, CHINA, AFRICA, ASIA, INDIA and EUROPE. 

The teachings keep coming and the work keeps changing. I have now launched my own course, entitled HEAL YOURSELF, this will also be the basis for future retreats through-out 2021-2022

I have been a video producer and musician for a number of years. I use my skills in media to produce my own digital meditations and video productions. 

Sound and frequency are the foundation of my work and in common, from the live music, I perform to the personal and group energy work I do. Everything is frequency and vibration.

I am presently working on 2 albums of music that is also the material i will perform at future live conscious events.


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