We are excited to invite you to our 2020 retreat, AWAKEN.

Now more than ever is a time to learn to let go of limiting beliefs, old patterns of behaviour and allow yourself to fall in love with yourself and LIFE.

This is 5 days of fun, supportive, educational, experiential journey into other states of consciousness. Exploring who you are and why you do what you do.

At the end of the retreat you are invited to leave the old you behind and step into the new unlimited YOU.

With a set of tools and understandings that will guide you on your new journey.


You will be guided by 3 experienced therapists, that have dedicated their lives to helping people overcome, navigate and eventually triumph of some of life's biggest challenges.

Creating dedicated content that has worked for 1000,s of people all over the world.

  • How to reduces stress.

  • Overcome Limiting fears and beliefs.

  • Connect, experience and balance your own energy.

  • The value of Hi-Energy healthy nutrition.

  • Take control over your own mind and body.

  • Your true purpose.

  • How to heal yourself and others.

  • How to always choose love over fear.


Each morning you will have an optional guided yoga session and a power meditation combined with a super nutritious breakfast, so you are ready for the day ahead. 

  • 7:00 Yoga/ Meditation

  • 8:00 Breakfast

  • 9:00 Morning workshops/classes 

  • 13:00 Lunch

  • 14:30 Afternoon classes

  • 16:30 Snacks/ Beverages

  • 17:30 End of class / talk

  • 18:30 Dinner

  • 21:00 Optional gathering / meditation/ talk / etc

  • 22:30 Sleep


More people now than ever are experiencing a shift, a feeling that something else is happening and that there is a need to listen to their heart. Whether you are an experienced healer or someone who is curious, perhaps you have had trauma in your past and just cant seam to move beyond yourself.

Out team will help you to realise that you have everything you need to achieve the happiness you deserve. 

The basis of what we teach is that "everything is energy, you are energy vibrating in the quantum field". If this vibration is low, it results in poor physical and mental health and constant resistance in your life.  You life is a direct reflection of your vibration........So it makes sense to use tools to no only clear the old energy but to raise your present energy to a higher frequency. Then watch the magic happen......


The Awaken 2020 Team consist of three experience healers.

Each once has spent years learning how to use tools that really work. Between them they have covered most of the globe, from the Amazon jungles to Asia,India,  Africa, USA and Europe. Some of the insights and stories they can share will hopefully inspire you and guide you into a deeper understanding of your own personal journey.


Claire is a Shamanic Practitioner, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer and Breath Work Coach.  Working intuitively with the body to help create more space for life force energy to flow freely. Claire uses various tools and methods to help you release old trauma, and negative thought patterns and belief systems that are keeping you small and holding you back from your full expression and creative power.


"You are so much more that you can ever imagine"


Claire will help you shed the old layers of doubt, judgement blame and shame, and embrace the new world of love, connection, truth and transparency. Take a journey with us into the source field to reveal more of who you really are


Bea Horvath is an intuitive energy healing facilitator and Ayurvedic practitioner, teacher originally from Hungary. Starting out on her healing path 20 years ago, her work is her passion and her lifestyle. Bea is based in the UK working internationally, worldwide.  She frequently visits India to deepen her knowledge about the ancient wisdom of wellbeing. Using various modalities and treatments – Ayurvedic pulse reading with holistic lifestyle guide, massage therapy, yoga, energy-healing, meditation, breathwork, plant medicine...etc. She is passionate to offer her clients personalised treatments who seek profound healing to explore the full potential of themselves.  Bea is passionate about creating group healing circles, cacao ceremonies as in groups the energies and healing vibrations multiplying hence it can create a very sacred and profound experience.

More info about her:


After a spiritual awakening in 2014,  Trevor has travelled the world, working

with energy and learning about spirituality. Attending courses by some of the most influential teachers of spirituality and self improvement.  Using skillset includes, music, sound healing, energy healing, NLP, hypnotherapy and a solid understanding of consciousness studies. Trevor works with large groups or private clients using his abilities to sense and clear unwanted energies.

The basis of is work is the understanding that everything vibrates with energy and frequency and that information within this frequency can be rebalanced and aligned to bring health, and understanding for the mind, body and spirit.


The Date of the retreat is Monday 31st August  - 4th September . Guests will arrive Monday morning  to check in at 8:30. Where they will be seen to their rooms.  The location for this event is  the stunning Eaton Manor, in the heart of Shropshire.  Full details of the venue can be viewed here on their website


The cost of the retreat is £1190 this includes full accommodation, food, day and evening workshops.

Spaces are limited to 18 people, enabling personal guidance as well as group interaction. 

Spaces can be reserved with a 50% booking of £590. The balance due 2 weeks before the event.

To reserve your space or ask any questions 

please email


We understand that there is uncertainty about corona virus, that is why that we guarantee a full refund should there

be any change to the date of the venue due to circumstances related to corona.


This will be an amazing transformational experience for  everyone involved and we look forward to sharing the space and the journey with you..


 ( Trevor, Bea, Claire )


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