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Running Length 45 mins

Raise your energy , raise your vibration and change your life.

We are more than a physical body, we are energy vibrating on many levels. What you vibrate at you attract into your life.
So many times we see people striving for success in relationships, with family and work and yet things never seam to last long. The reason is because your reality manifests in reflection to you vibration. It will always return to the vibration you are currently at.


If you change your vibration you change everything, you begin to notice synchronicities, spontaneous opportunities and attracting abundance into your life.

I will guide you in this specially created soundscape into your ability to FEEL your own vibrations, to remove fear and resistance and to consistently raise your energy and vibration to a new level.

Better sleep
More restful mind
Improved health and wellbeing
Deep states of relaxation
Calm mind and body
Connection to the spiritual self

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