Shiva and Shakti Union Meditation

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Running Length 47 Min

The Shiva and Shakti meditation. Both Shiva and Shakti are alive in both men and women. All of us have divine masculine (Shiva) aspects and divine feminine (Shakti) aspects to our being. It’s said that our feminine side resides on our left side, while the masculine resides on our right side. We hold these energies within us and, when united, there’s a complete balance, joy and presence within our very being.

This powerful guided meditation has been composed and written by myself, and uses frequencies and energy to awaken the awareness of Shiva and Shakti within you. Please use headphones for best results .

All the things of creation are birthed through the feminine aspect of Shakti and all of us have these qualities within us as well. They are dance, movement, power, energy and the freedom to become.

More restful mind
Improved health and wellbeing
Deep states of relaxation
Calm mind and body
Connection to the spiritual self

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