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Are you ready to Raise your Vibration? Improve the way you FEEL and connect to another level of reality

Specially created and composed music by Sound Healer Trevor Hamlett.

Raise your consciousness up to a new level, as you are immersed in healing frequencies that guide you into deep levels of connection your self and energies that normally exist beyond your perception.

Release negative energy patterns and connect with your spiritual guides. these are more than meditations there are also energy transmission. Special created music and frequencies with channelled guidance, takes you on a personal journey to find your true connection to mind body and spirit.

These have been used in Trevors personal workshops with incredible results, and are now available exclusively here for you to use in your own home.

  • Release stress and fear
  • Feel vibrations and energy in your own body
  • Connect to the higher realms of existence
  • Reboot your life
  • Enjoy a calmer mind body and spirit
  • Experience another level of deep spiritual connection

Full support and advice offered when.

You contact trevor direct at

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