My group sessions are a chance to experience the energy of a group whilst connecting to and experiencing your own subtle energies.

This unique approach to meditation and healing utilises headphone technology to deliver digital frequencies in the form of my own self composed music and sound meditations. 


My sound healing and energy healing events use digital

wire-free headsets. I create the audio meditations in my studio using traditional sound healing tools and electronic instruments to create guided soundscapes which quickly facilitate deep states of relaxation and  profound states of altered consciousness.

Participants can enjoy the energy of the group whilst 

having a very intimate connection to self, without unnecessary  distractions from external noises.


The physical benefits of meditation have long been recognised by the eastern cultures.  In the west, science has now proved that regular meditation does:

  • Reduces Stress. 

  • Controls Anxiety.

  • Promotes Emotional Health.

  • Enhances Self-Awareness.

  • Lengthens Attention Span.

  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss.

  • Can Generate Kindness.

  • May Help Fight Addictions.


Meditation is only part of the experience, my work as an

energy channel really helps to guide you and the energy in a room, to a different place to what regular meditators are used to. During each session I aim to detect and  clear unwatned energies in peoples energy field.

The result of this technique is:

  • People feel lighter. 

  • Physical aches and pains can disappear

  • Sensations of their own vibrations and energy

  • Emotional releases

  • Deeper connection to their spiritual self

  • Activation of their own spiritual gifts


Each session is unique, it begins with a 15 minute introduction and perhaps a demonstration of energy work, if it is a new group.


Then participants are asked to sit or lay in a comfortable position and are given headphones and guided on their use. 

The room is usually in darkness apart from the lighting I bring to every event.

If there are any questions then this is a good time to ask them.

The meditation will then begin, during which I will help to energetically guide the energies of both the group and individuals.  

Sometimes I will also play live sound healing instruments as and when required. After the meditation is complete, this is also another great opportunity to share experiences and ask questions and if required, some additional one to one energy work to complete the evening.


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